Mecanismo para Bosques y Fincas

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    FFF partners are organizing and participating in events throughout the 27th Conference of the Parties (COP27) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Here is a list of the side events organized by partners related to the FFF, and some key messages from the grassroots.          IIED-led events:  Closing the gap: ...
Arguing that smallholder diversification is crucial for planetary food security, Duncan Macqueen reports on how an international conference and learning exchange in Viet Nam in September offered farm producer organisations and governments solutions to help smallholders flourish in the face of economic inequality.
This IIED report presents research findings on how forest and farm producer organisations and their members can take practical advantage of shared labelling and certification schemes to enhance their market presence. It sheds light on challenges and opportunities of implementing shared label schemes and participatory guarantee systems for smallholders and ...
You are invited to attend this event during the FAO World Forest week to hear about the latest development, opportunities and continuing challenges faced by smallholder producer organizations to access finance to make agri-food systems, including forestry, more inclusive and sustainable.
This event in Mexico aims at creating links between indigenous and community leaders and potential donors and allies interested in investing in and strengthening the capacities and processes of indigenous and community financing mechanisms.