Les évaluations des ressources forestières mondiales

Past FRA Remote Sensing assessments 

The Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) team of the FAO collects and collates national statistics on forest resources every five to ten years to provide globally synthesized information. The first FRA remote sensing survey was implemented as part of FRA 1990 and aimed to complement the assessment’s country information. In FRA 2010, results from a global remote sensing survey were included as an independent means of collecting comparable time-series data on the state of the world’s forests between 1990 and 2005 at the regional, climatic domain and global levels (FAO and JRC, 2012). For FRA 2015, this quasi-systematic survey of remotely sensed data was updated with satellite imagery and analysis for the year 2010.

The Global Remote Sensing Survey documents

Global forest land-use change 1990 to 2010
The FRA 2010 Remote Sensing Survey
FRA 2010 Options and recommendations for a global remote sensing survey
Global forest land-use change 1990–2005