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Overview - Angola

Data on forestry resources in Angola are almost inexistent, obsolete, and constrained by the lack of capacity and the four decades long civil wars. The Instituto de Desenvolvimento Florestal (IDF) considers a national forest inventory critical to support the national policy processes and specialised expertise is demanded to plan and run data collection, analysis and dissemination. Users of data in the forestry sub-sector are demanding information on the state of the forestry resources in Angola: information that, for different reasons (wars, low technical capacity, etc) IDF could not provide timely.

This project on National Forestry Resources Assessment (NFA) is not only designed to seek for technical assistance, but also to help IDF set up a specialised structure and introduce a policy relevant and cost effective integrated approach for forestry resources assessment that takes into account the domestic needs of information as well as the international reporting requirements, thereby be able to provide data and information on the sub-sector to users (both local and international) on timely and regular basis.

The project is implemented through a UTF supported by a TCP for technical assistance and specialised equipment. The project duration is defined at 24 months.

National Forest Assessment Documents

Final Reports


National Forestry Resources Assessment - UTF/ANG/040/ANG 

National Forestry Resources Assessment - TCP/ANG/3103 (D) 2007-2009 

Methodology and Approach

Inventário Florestal Nacional - Guia de campo para recolha de dados [NFMA WP 41/P]




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