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Overview - Bangladesh

The National Forest and Tree Resources Assessment 2005-2007 is the first of its kind in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Forest Department (BFD), lead institution and responsible for the implementation of this first national forest and tree resources assessment (NFA), carried out the field data collection during 2005 - 2006 while the Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization (SPARRSO), was responsible for the remote sensing survey.

The overall technical supervision of the NFA implementation has been provided by FAO Forestry department in Rome (FOMR), who also provided technical assistance to the GoB to strengthen the capacities of BFD in the area of planning and implementing NFAs, including methodology development, sampling design, harmonization of land use classifications, mapping, field survey, data management and reporting.


National Forest Assessment Documents

Final Reports

Final Report - Table of Content 

Final Report - Chp. 1-6 - 1455KB 

Final Report - Chp. 7-8 - 777KB 

Final Report - Chp. 9.1 - 1655KB 

Final Report - Chp. 9.2 - 13 - 775KB 

Final Report - Annex IV - 113KB 

Final Report - Annex VIII - 98KB 

Final Report - Annex IX, X - 436KB 


Technical Cooperation Program: Bangladesh 

Methodology and Approach

Click here to view the Sampling Tracts Map

National Forest Inventory Field Manual 

Field Form F1: Tract location 

Field Form F2: Plot plan 

Field Form F3a: Plot - Tree and stump measurements 

Field Form F3b: Plot - Culm and Clump Measurements 

Field Form F4b: Subplots and measurement points 

Field Form F5: Land use/forest type section (LUS) 

Field Form F6: Forest products and services 





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