National Correspondents to FRA

The data collection process for FRA  is carried out with a high degree of country participation. In the last assessment (FRA 2005) 172 officially nominated country correspondents, many of whom were backed by a team of national experts, worked in close collaboration with FAO staff in the compilation of the data to be reported. The collaboration with countries is expected to be further strengthened in coming assessments.

This close involvement of countries through the global network of National Correspondents is crucial to the success of the FRA process and leads to better use of existing data (better estimates, improved capacity) and an increased feeling of ownership of the process by countries.

Each country has been requested to formally nominate a National correspondent to FRA 2010, to carry out the following tasks:

  • act as focal points for communications with FAO on matters related to the Global Forest Resources Assessment programme;
  • provide feedback on the design and process of the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010 (FRA 2010) — including country reports, special studies and a global remote sensing survey;
  • process and submit national data to FRA 2010, including the co-ordination of inputs from different national institutions as well as taking national reporting to other international processes into account;
  • act as point of contact for identification of national specialists for the remote sensing survey and selected special studies which form part of FRA 2010;
  • verify and validate national information for FRA 2010 before publication;
  • disseminate information within their country on the Global Forest Resources Assessment process and related activities;
  • contribute to specific regional activities relating to FRA 2010;
  • participate in meetings and workshops organized in the context of the Global Forest Resources Assessment programme.

As of today 177 countries have nominated a national correspondent to FRA 2010.

The list of officially nominated national correspondents to FRA 2010 can be accessed here

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last updated:  Wednesday, October 8, 2008