Pilot studies for FRA 2005 reporting process

Five case studies, or pilot studies, were compiled and presented at the NC Training Session held in Rome in November 2003. The documents were used for training purposes and aimed at providing practical examples of how to compile the information for each of the National Reporting Tables.

Following the recommendations and outputs of the training session, the pilot studies were revised in accordance with the new versions of the background documents for FRA 2005 (Guidelines for reporting and Specifications of National Reporting Tables). They are now available for downloading in pdf format.

<b>Italy</b>  <b>Sweden</b> (English)<br><br><b>Italie</b> (French)<br><br><b>Guatemala</b> (Spanish)


Please note that the documents above are being used for training purposes to provide information related to the process of the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2005 Update (FRA 2005). They do not reflect the official position of or authoritative information on the countries in question.

last updated:  Monday, November 27, 2006