Technical Meeting of the National Correspondents to the Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA 2010)

Rome 3-7 March 2008


  • Officially launch FRA 2010

  • Provide information and knowledge to National Correspondents on the FRA 2010 process including country reporting, special studies and the Remote Sensing Survey;

  • Provide an opportunity for the National Correspondents to review in detail the FRA 2010 reporting tables, to clarify technical issues and give feedback to FRA Secretariat on the support needed to fulfil the national reporting requirements for FRA 2010;

  • Plan regional meetings and other activities to support the implementation of FRA 2010;

  • Reinforce the National Correspondents Network as a dynamic network of experts in monitoring, assessment and reporting on forest resources.

Expected outcomes

  • The Global Forest Resource Assessment (FRA) 2010 is launched

  • All officially nominated FRA national correspondents are familiar with the FRA 2010 process and the tasks involved

  • All reporting tables for FRA 2010 are reviewed in detail and outstanding technical issues are clarified

  • Country needs for the implementation of FRA 2010 are identified and regional workshops are planned

  • Networking and exchange of experiences among national experts in forest monitoring assessment and reporting is fostered.


The programme includes plenary presentations and discussions and group work (see provisional timetable) . Plenary presentations will introduce participants to all aspects of the FRA 2010 process and allow for feedback to the FRA secretariat. Group work sessions will discuss details of the reporting tables and will develop plans for regional and sub-regional meetings and other support needed during the implementation phase of FRA 2010.

Translation will be provided in English, French and Spanish in the plenary sessions. The working groups will be organized according to region/language to facilitate active participation of the national correspondents. Background documents, including country reporting format and guidelines, will be distributed to the national correspondents in advance. National Correspondents will be expected to have reviewed the documentation prior to attending the workshop and come ready to the preparation of the country report.


All officially nominated National Correspondents and partner organizations in the FRA 2010 are invited, as well as relevant FAO HQ and regional staff.


The provisional timetable of the meeting is available by clicking on the following link:

last updated:  Tuesday, November 18, 2008