Presentations, Monday 3 March 2008


Opening speech Jan Heino, Assistant Director General of the Forestry Department
Objectives and agenda of the meeting Wulf Killmann, FAO
Statement from Mr. Ze Meka (ITTO) Wulf Killmann, FAO
The 2010 Biodiversity Target: CBD Indicators and FRA 2010 Tim Christoffersen, CBD Secretariat
Reporting requirements of the LULUCF Sector under the UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol Maria Sanz Sanchéz, UNFCCC Secretariat
Reporting on SFM implementation: Existing & Potential Linkages between UNFF and the FRA process Ghazal Badiozamani, UNFF Secretariat
UNECE and FRA: half a century of UNECE and FRA: half a century of global global-regional cooperation Christopher Prins, UNECE Timber Section
Statement from Mr. Stewart Maginnis (IUCN) Mette Wilkie, FAO
FRA 2010 and GEO Martin Herold, Jena University
The Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010 (FRA 2010) Mette Wilkie, FAO
Introduction to FRA 2010 Country Reporting Lars Gunnar Marklund, FAO
Methodology for country reporting to FRA 2010 Örjan Jonsson, FAO
National reporting tables for FRA 2010 FAO Staff

Presentations, Tuesday 4 March 2008

New Zealand country experience Paul Lane, New Zealand
Senegal country experience Souleyman Gueye, Senegal

Presentations, Thursday 6 March 2008

Summary of group work session I Lars Gunnar Marklund, FAO
Harmonizing international forest-related reporting. ITTO and the FRA Steve Johnson, ITTO
FAO support to national forest monitoring and assessment Mohamed Saket, FAO
The FRA 2010 Remote Sensing Survey Adam Gerrand, FAO
Evaluation of methodologies in the context of application of Remote Sensing Survey for the Global Forest Resource Assessment (FRA 2010) John Latham, FAO
Global activities of the Joint Research Centre (within its Framework Programme) in support to FRA 2010 Global Remote Sensing Survey Frédéric Achard, JRC
Satellite-based assessment of the presence/absence of tree cover using MODIS data Matt Hansen, SDSU
Summary of the Remote Sensing Task Force meeting Ernesto Díaz, Mexico

Presentations, Friday 7 March 2008

Regional and national work planning, summary of group work Lars Gunnar Marklund, FAO
FRA 2010 Remote Sensing Survey - issues raised in the working groups Adam Gerrand, FAO
The 2010 Biodiversity Indicators Partnership Matt Walpole, (UNEP-WCMC)
FRA 2010 Special studies FAO Staff, Simon Gillam, United Kingdom
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