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We are pleased to present the ninth issue of the FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010 E-Newsletter, the FRA 2010 News.

FRA 2010 featured prominently at the 20th session of the Committee on Forestry (COFO) and the second World Forest Week, held at FAO Headquarters from 4 to 8 October 2010. In this issue you will find more information on FRA contribution to these important events, together with updates on the forest product statistics and on meetings and publications related to FRA. A special acknowledgment to all those that made possible the realization of the FRA 2010 Posters of contributors and a reminder to contribute to the FAO website updating complete this new issue.


  1. The FRA 2010 Main Report released
  2. Guidance received on the FRA programme
  3. The remote sensing survey
  4. Forest degradation
  5. Forest products statistics
  6. Updating of FAO website on country pages - second call for inputs!
  7. FRA 2010 Poster of contributors, thank you!
  8. Meetings
  9. Publications

1. FRA 2010 Main Report released

Mette Loyche Wilkie, FAOThe Main report of the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010 was launched on 4 October at the opening day of the 20th session of the FAO Committee on Forestry (COFO) and World Forest Week in Rome.

The report, which runs to more than 300 pages, is structured according to the seven themes of sustainable forest management and contains 20 global tables and numerous summary tables, maps and graphs, as well as a synthesis assessment of progress towards sustainable forest management at global, regional and subregional levels.

The report is available in English, French and Spanish at: and it will soon be available in  Russian, Chinese and Arabic on the same site.

All contributors to FRA 2010 will receive a copy of the report. Those who wish to obtain additional copies are kindly asked to send a request to: [email protected]

2. Guidance received on the FRA programme

One of the items on the COFO agenda was the FRA programme, where guidance was sought from FAO member countries on the way forward. Among the guidance received was the following:

  • The next Global Forest Resources Assessment be prepared by 2015;
  • FRA 2015 give priority to improving information on rates of deforestation and forest degradation, forest carbon stocks, trees outside forests and the roles of forests in protection of soil and water resources and in the provision of livelihoods;
  • Countries actively contribute to the FRA process, including through the provision of high quality information on forests and forest-related social, institutional and legal framework conditions according to national capacities;
  • Due attention be given to finding a balance between quality of the data and information and expanding the already extensive set of indicators.

The committee on Forestry also invited countries in a position to do so to contribute to the voluntary open-ended trust funds with a strong focus on country capacity building.

3. The Remote Sensing Survey

The FRA Remote Sensing Survey has been busy processing data and running training and validation workshops in several regions.

  • Two workshops were held in Rome for 15 countries in Europe in late June. Some countries completed their validation during the workshop and most have sent in since then, after returning home. We are looking forward to getting outstanding data soon. Other European countries are being contacted to validate the data soon.
  • Two workshops were held in Bangkok for 23 participants from 14 countries from Southeast Asia. All countries that successfully completed their Land-Use participated to the workshop. Few countries that had not done the Land cover validation also participated
    • More information on workshops and the agenda and presentations for some of them can be downloaded from our website:
    • The remote sensing survey context and methods have been presented at the FORESTSAT 2010 conference, focusing on "Operational tools in forestry using remote sensing techniques", from 7-10 September.The Remote Sensing Survey: COFO information session
    • The remote sensing survey team organized a side event during the FAO Committee on Forestry (COFO) aimed at providing an opportunity to learn about the survey and how to improve long-term forest monitoring around the world.  Two presentations were from FAO on the methods and presentations from the USA and Chile showed examples of how the RSS is being applied or developed in countries. 
      The presentations are available in PDF on-line at:  
    • The next regional training and validation workshops that will complete the Land-use validation work will be held in the following months in China, Chile and Kenya (more details on the workshops in the Meetings section).
    • For more information, please check our main website:

    4. Forest degradation

    A meeting on the development of guidelines for assessing particular indicators of forest degradation was held during COFO.

    The meeting saw the participation of partners and technical experts and built on the outputs of past technical meetings and methods proposed from case studies. One of the aspects that has been prioritized include biological diversity, in its own right and as a proxy for broader ecosystem functioning and delivery of ecosystem services. Another important aspect was productive functions both in terms of forest goods, and of livelihoods and dependency on forests. Carbon sequestration and storage, forest health, protective functions (including soil and water quality) and forest fragmentation were also prioritized.

    Towards measuring forest degradation, COFO meeting
    A side event to present some of the findings from the latest meeting, in particular criteria and indicators linked to forest biological diversity and fragmentation will be held in the Ecosystem and Climate Change Pavilion at Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity, in Nagoya, Japan, on 21 October 2010. Further information can be found at:

    5. Forest products statistics

    Updates on the forest products statistics include the following: 
     Yearbook of Forest Products 2008 made available online at: 
     Forestry trade flows statistics for 2008 released in August, available at:
    • Preliminary data for 2009 on forest products trade and production for selected countries released in FAOSTAT in August, available at:
    Please check the data for your country and let us know if more accurate data is available.
    • Pulp and paper capacities survey with data for 2009-2014 released in August, available at:

    6. Updating of FAO website on country pages- second call for inputs

    As reported in our previous issue of the newsletter, we are seeking your assistance for the updating and restructuring of the country briefs section of the FAO website, particularly for the vegetation descriptions and forest types by country. Please check the FAO website: and send to [email protected], any material (photos and/or text) that could be useful to fill existing gaps and improve the current vegetation descriptions by country and/or a link to where we may be able to find this information in English, French or Spanish.

    7. FRA 2010 Poster of contributors, thank you!

    More than 220 photos were collected and used to create the FRA 2010 Poster of contributors. The poster was displayed at COFO and will soon be available on our website.

    A special thanks to all those that promptly replied to our request and provided us with their photos, it is amazing to see what a big team we are!

    8. Meetings

    The Remote sensing regional training and validation workshops
    The next Remote sensing regional training and validation workshops are scheduled as following:
    -Beijing, China, 18-22 October
    -Valdivia, Chile, 1-10 November
    -Nairobi, Kenya, 30 November - 3 December
    These workshops will complete the Land-use validation work.

    Beyond fire Behavior and Fuels: Learning from the past to help guide us in the future.
    The third Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference, organized by the International Association of Wildland fire will be held in Spokane, USA from 25-29 October.
    To know more about the conference:

    VI International Conference on Forest Fire research
    The sixth International Conference on Forest Fire Research will take place from 15-18 November 2010 in Coimbra, Portugal. To know more about the meeting:

    9. Publications

    The FRA 2010 Main report has been released and it is available on line in English, French and Spanish and will soon be available in Russian, Chinese and Arabic at:

    All subscribers to this Newsletter will receive a copy of the report.

    The FAO Yearbook 2008 is now available on-line, to download a copy:
    An electronic version is also available as a CD-ROM. To obtain a copy of the report or the CD, please send your request to: [email protected]


    The Mexican edition of the Natural Inquirer has been finalized and published. The publication is available for download at:

    The World Atlas of Mangroves is the result of a project implemented since 2005 as a joint initiative of the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), the International Society of Mangrove Ecosystems (ISME), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC), UNESCO-Man and Biosphere (UNESCO-MAB), UNU-Institute for Water Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC).
    More information about the Atlas at:



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