Development of participative governance approaches at territorial scale


Activities scheduled for the Component 3 are focused on the following main actions: 

  1. Experiences sharing, capitalization and articulation efforts between existing participative approaches that are proposed to stakeholders in the region;
  2. Development of an adapted tool that will take existing participative approaches and objectives into consideration (on the basis of Imagine methodology that has been developed by the Plan Bleu on coastal areas);
  3. Development on 4/5 pilot territories – for the sake of demonstration for all countries concerned by the project – of participative approaches regarding sustainable management of forests, applying the aforementioned tool;
  4. Workshop of restitution and lessons sharing with actors of the project and other countries and actors involved in similar processes.

The pilot sites selected during the Steering Committee of Beirut on June 6, 2013 for Component 3 are the following:

  • Algeria: Chréa
  • Lebanon: Jabal Moussa
  • Morocco: Maarmora
  • Tunisia: Barbara
  • Turkey: Duzlercami

Thematic referent component 3

Country Name Lastname Organization Position Email address
Algeria Ramdane


Chrea Park Director of Chrea Park [email protected] [email protected]
Lebanon Ibrahim El hawi Ministry of Agriculture Head of rural development and natural resources (Bekaa) [email protected]
Morocco Ahmed Ezzirari HCEFLD DLCDPN [email protected]
Tunisia Sassi Dey DGF Assistant Director of Forest Facilities [email protected]
Turkey Ersin


OGM Director of East Mediterranean Research Institute 

[email protected] [email protected]



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