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Monitoring gender equality and social inclusion in forest and landscape restoration programs 22 September 2023 This brief aims to provide practical guidance for designing a forest restoration monitoring system that adequately incorporates targets and indicators to measure gender equality and social inclusion in the implementation of the project or program. [more]
Pulp and paper capacities survey 2022–2024 6 September 2023 The annual FAO survey of global pulp and paper capacities provides statistics on pulp and paper production capacity along with short-term production capacity forecasts. It also presents statistics on pulp and paper production and information about the utilization of recovered paper. [more]
The role of forest ecosystem services to support the green recovery 2 August 2023 Forests are an important component of natural capital and deliver a broad range of ecosystem services that underpin human well-being. This paper offers an improved understanding of the role of forests in sustainable development, and highlights the potential of forests to provide a pathway towards greater resilience and a green recovery. [more]
RESSOURCE Project: Sahelian wetlands 2 August 2023 The RESSOURCE Project is working to support communities in conserving Sahelian wetlands and water birds in Chad, Egypt, Mali, Senegal and Sudan, where millions depend on wetlands to meet their food and financial needs. [more]
The world’s mangroves 2000–2020 26 July 2023 The world is making progress towards ending the loss of mangrove forests, according to a new report launched on the International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem. This report provides global and regional estimates of the area covered by mangrove forests, including area changes between 2000 and 2020. It analyses the drivers of these changes for the periods 2000–2010 and 2010–2020 to improve understanding of these drivers, their interactions and how their relative importance has shifted over time. [more]
Capacity, Knowledge and Learning Action Plan for the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 19 July 2023 To support the implementation of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, this action plan identifies the gaps where knowledge products or capacity-development initiatives are needed. It describes existing knowledge products or capacity-development initiatives that can be replicated or extended to address these gaps. The action plan also specifies the terms of reference for eight key capacity- and knowledge-development initiatives based on a set of recommended priority actions. [more]
Forest Landscape Management Plan for the BidiBidi Refugee Settlement, Uganda 19 July 2023 The Forest Landscape Management Plan for the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement provides practical guidelines to alleviate pressure on the environment and natural resources, ensure sustainable access to biomass for cooking, and contribute to building the resilience of both refugee and host communities. [more]
OECD-FAO business handbook on deforestation and due diligence in agricultural supply chains 12 July 2023 This brochure on the OECD-FAO business handbook on deforestation and due diligence in agricultural supply chains aims to help companies incorporate deforestation and forest degradation considerations in their supply chain due diligence and responsible sourcing efforts and adopt a holistic approach to deforestation risk and forest-positive outcomes. [more]
Occupational safety and health in the future of forestry work 4 July 2023 Forests continue to be one of the most hazardous industrial workplaces, with those working in forests exposed to considerable occupational safety and health risks. This report identifies trends and opportunities as well as challenges to promote safe and healthy working conditions in the forest sector. [more]
Mountain Partnership Secretariat – Annual Report 2022 16 June 2023 The Mountain Partnership is the United Nations voluntary alliance of partners dedicated to mountain peoples and environments. The Secretariat of the Mountain Partnership is hosted by FAO. This Annual Report outlines the Mountain Partnership Secretariat’s key achievements in promoting sustainable mountain development in 2022. [more]

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