FAO field projects on agroforestry

On-going projects and programmes

Central America (Global, Guatemala, Honduras) - Climate-Smart Agroforestry Systems for the Dry Corridor of Central America 

Code: FMM/GLO/112/MUL
Donor: Multilateral and Belgium
Duration: 01 Dec, 2014- 31 Dec, 2016

Description: The Dry Corridor of Central America is a semi-arid region characterized by recurrent droughts, which covers nearly one-third of the Central American territory. The project has two main objectives. The first one is to improve the knowledge and awareness of the local, national and regional civil society and government institutions as to the importance of climate-smart agroforestry systems in public policies. The second one is to enhance the sustainable productivity and conservation of soil and water through the use of agroforestry systems and technologies that reduce wood consumption and increase water availability.

Seychelles - Support to the development of appropriate agroforestry systems in Seychelles 

Code: TCP/SEY/3502
Donor: FAO
Duration: 05 Nov 2014 - 31 Oct 2016

Description: To contribute to sustainable food production, improved rural livelihoods and poverty reduction in Seychelles through promotion of appropriate agro-forestry systems to enhance land use and natural resources. To raise awareness amongst key stakeholders about the potential of agro-forestry in Seychelles. To increase the agricultural production giving more importance to traditional food productions which can counter the imports, maintain an optimum level of agricultural production and revenues to farmers, and conserve the biodiversity of an optimal acre of forest and wooded land.

Republic of Nauru - Strengthening Capacity for Nauru Household Integrated Agro-forestry and Food Crops Production

Code: TCP/NAU/3501
Donor: FAO
Duration: 07 Aug, 2014 - 31 Jul, 2016

Description: The objective is to facilitate household engagement in agro-forestry and encourage the production of selected fruit trees, root crops, vegetables and valued forest species to improve nutrition, food security and sustainable livelihoods for the people of Nauru. Furthermore, it aims to contribute to improving the overall soil structure of the island through heavy mulch and the production of organic matter from planting of fruit trees, leguminous plant species and green manure crops. Growing native trees of traditional significance will also promote income generation through the making and selling of handicrafts and local medicines.

Comoros - Support to the development of appropriate agroforestry systems in Comoros

Code: TCP/COI/3502
Donor: FAO
Duration: 16 Jan, 2015 – 31 Dec, 2015

Description: The objective is to contribute to sustainable food production, improved rural livelihoods and poverty reduction in Comoros through promotion of appropriate agroforestry systems to enhance land use and natural resources. It also seeks to raise awareness amongst key stakeholders about the potential of agro-forestry in Comoros. Finally, the last goal is to develop a project proposal for developing and implementing an appropriate policy aimed at promoting agro-forestry, that will maximize the food production and services from forestry land, and minimize wildfire hazard (improve land use and environmental services).

Past Projects

Rwanda - Support to the costing of the Sustainable Forestry, Agro-Forestry and Biomass Programme of Action 

Code: TCP/RWA/3501
Donor: FAO
Duration: 17 Dec, 2014- 10 Jun, 2015

Description: The Programme intended to increase the availability of biomass through the promotion of afforestation and reforestation measures, and the rehabilitation of degraded forests. Moreover, the Programme proposed the promotion of agroforestry systems and improved cook stove in order to decrease the stress over wood-resource depletion, to sustain food production and to provide efficient energy alternatives.

Inter Regional - Framework programme to sustain and improve smallholder and farmers’ livelihoods through planted forests and agroforestry 

Code: GCP /INT/141/MUL
Donor: Multilateral
Duration: 20 Jan, 2012 - 19 Jan, 2013

Description: The objective was to transfer the scientific knowledge and technology from the stakeholders in industrialized countries, to their equivalents in developing countries or those with economies in transition with regard to forestry and agroforestry and to the use and management of treated waste waters.

Nepal - Technical Assistance for Lease-hold forest and Livestock programme 

Code: GCP/NEP/062/FIN
Donor: Finland
Duration: 2009-2013

Description: The objective was to support the Department of Forest in maintaining and building up institutional and technical capacities and planning tools at grassroots, district and central levels to support the implementation, institutionalization and scaling up of the poverty reducing leasehold forestry programme in the country. Activities conducted were livelihood planning and leasehold forestry development; livestock and forage development; strengthening rural finance services; develop policy and legal framework for community based leasehold forestry; capacity building (gender mainstreaming and human resource development); monitoring and evaluation; piloting LFLP in 4 districts.

Philippines - Enhancing Natural Resources Management through Enterprise Development 

Code: GCP /PHI/055/NZE
Donor: New Zealand
Duration: 01 Jul, 2008 - 29 Feb, 2012

Description: The overall objective of this project was to enhance environmental management and to develop livelihood opportunities for forest-dwelling communities through improved forest use. The project conducted many activities for enterprise development: abaca and bamboo processing and marketing in Ilo Ilo; rattan and woodcraft furniture in Leyte; coconut Midrib handicraft in Bataan; duhat fruit wine making in Pangasinan; small scale wood industry in Cagayan; timber harvesting and wood processing in Palawan; production and handicraft manufacturing in Davao Oriental; timber harvesting and processing in Camiguin.

Vietnam - Market-Oriented Agro-forestry to Reduce Poverty in Quang Nam Province 

Code: GCP/VIE/035/ITA
Donor: Italy
Duration: 2008 – 2012

Description: The overall project goal is to reduce poverty in the rural areas and help promote conservation of natural resources through development of sustainable, market-oriented agro-forestry systems. The immediate objectives were: to develop sustainable, market-oriented agro-forestry systems for increased production and sale of wood and other agro-forestry products; to help farmers develop agro-forestry-based enterprises and improve marketing of agro-forestry products; to improve farmers' access to capital through microfinance and other credit programs. It assisted the Government’s reforestation program while at the same time, providing economic benefits to the rural people in Quang Nam Province. Most poor households are constrained by unemployment and lack of inputs for income generating activities. The project gave them priority assistance through the provision of seedlings and fertilizer inputs. A micro-finance program was organized to give these farmers more access to capital required in farm and enterprise development. The project aims also at strengthening markets by providing farmers with accurate market information, better access and linkages with market outlets, and better marketing strategies.

Thailand - Participation of tree plantation farmers for sustainable forest management 

Code: TCP/THA/3203
Donor: FAO
Duration: 01 Apr, 2010 - 31 Dec, 2011

Description: The project aimed to contribute to the diversification of livelihood options, improve microclimates and environmental sustainability, and increase domestically available wood supply. FAO provided technical assistance through a policy expert (LNC), a forestry legislation expert, a forestry industry promotion and marketing expert, a forest extension expert as well as other national consultants who will assist in the facilitation of a participatory process to improve the regulatory and incentives framework for long-rotation tree species.

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