Unasylva issues and articles on invasive species

Unasylva is FAO's international journal of forests, forestry and forest industries published quarterly in English, French and Spanish. It covers all aspects of forests and forestry: policy and planning; conservation and management of forest-based plants and animals; rural socio-economic development; species improvement; industrial development; international trade; and environmental considerations.

Articles and issues pertaining to invasive species and the forest sector are presented below.

Itching for the woods: forests, allergies and irritants. Unasylva, 217(55/2). PDF version
B. Moore, G. Allard & M. Malagnoux. 2006.

Forest threats - Unasylva 217
FAO. 2004.

Keeping forest pests from moving around the world
M. Keiran & E. Allen. 2004. Unasylva 217: 29-30.

Diseases and potential threats to Acacia mangium plantations in Malaysia
S.S. Lee. 2004. Unasylva 217: 31-35. Article includes a box entitled: Is Acacia mangium an invasive species? p. 33.

Management of introduced Prosopis species: can economic exploitation control an invasive species?
D. Geesing, M. Al-Khawlani & M.L. Abba. 2004. Unasylva 217 :36-44.

Data on invasive tree species: a tool for assessing the risk that introductions could cause harm
FAO. 2004. Unasylva 217: 40.

Cooperative efforts to address forest invasive species in Asia and the Pacific
FAO. 2004. Unasylva 217: 43.

Invasive alien woody species in Pacific island forests
Denslow, J.S. 2002. Unasylva 209: 62-63.

Latest developments in the implementation of the work programme on forests of the Convention on Biological Diversity
J.-P. Le Danff & P. Sigaud. 2001. Unasylva 206: 32-33.

Protecting Africa's trees
S.T. Murphy. 1998. Unasylva 192.

Cypress aphid: A new threat to Africa's forests
W.M. Ciesla. 1991. Unasylva 167.

Biological and integrated control of pest organisms in forestry
J.M. Franz. 1971. Unasylva 100.

FAO/IUFRO symposium on forest diseases and insects - Unasylva 78
FAO. 1965.

Tree introduction.
J.W. Wright. 1963. Unasylva 17.

Biological control of forest insects
H. Pschorn-Walcher. 1961. Unasylva 15.

Introduction of exotic trees. Dangers from diseases and pests
J.S. Boyce. 1954. Unasylva 8.

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