FAO activities

In its capacity of forestry task manager in follow-up action to UNCED, IPF, IFF and the United Nations Forum on Forests, FAO has supported regional criteria and indicators processes in a number of developing regions that did not earlier participate in the debate. These include:  Dry-Zone Africa, the Near East, Central America and Dry Forest Asia C&I processes. The organization works in close collaboration with the Secretariats of the nine international or eco-regional processes, with individual countries and with partner institutions (CATIE, CIFOR, IUFRO, ITTO, UNEP) in order to facilitate country-driven work and help strengthening linkages between national and international levels.

FAO promotes the further development and use of C&I in different contexts:

Interactive map: Highlighting different uses of C&I for SFM and FAO's work

The interactive map below displays: 

  • Countries that use C&I in policy, planning and communication
  • Countries that use C&I in promoting and facilitating sustainable practices
  • Countries that use C&I in monitoring, assessment and reporting on sustainable forest management
  • Expert interviews from FAO regional meetings
  • Presentations of C&I for SFM
  • Country case studies and regional workshop reports

Click on the arrow in the top left corner of the map to reveal and select check boxes to view the different options.

View C&I for SFM in a larger map

last updated:  Thursday, April 21, 2016