COFO 23/World Forest Week, Rome, Italy, 18-22 July 2016 

Criteria and indicators were the focus of an event held at the COFO 23 in Rome on 19 July.

Criteria and indicators event: mobilizing action for Sustainable Forest Management and the Sustainable Development Goals
Tuesday 19 July 2016
C&I have a strong potential to promote results-based management towards Sustainable Forest Management (SFM). They are useful for ensuring a common understanding of the wide range of social, ecological and economic values that forests have and provide. C&I provide a unique opportunity to promote sustainability in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, by articulating priorities and providing means for measuring Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

During this event the participants were informed about the efforts done by experts to prioritize the work needed to realize the full potential of C&I for SFM. The Vision and Roadmap released at the WFC and the Ottawa collaborative action plan driven by networks of experts to mobilize concrete action to promote C&I as a powerful tool to demonstrate sustainability in policy and practice and to measure progress towards SDG were presented. Experts, countries and all relevant organizations were invited to connect with the sub-groups of work to learn about and to consider how they might contribute to the actions proposed.

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