C&I expert workshop 2015

A global C&I expert workshop of 2 days was held on 15- 16 January in Rome (Italy) to bring together global, regional, national and practice levels perspectives in terms of experiences, needs and potential for different main uses of C&Is and possible further work on indicator sets related to socio-economic and governance indicators. It allowed the presentation and the discussion of the interim results of the FAO C&I project and provided recommendations on concrete next steps to promote C&I in 2015, in the context of:

  • Regional C&I Workshops (spring 2015)
  • UNFF11 and post-2015 arrangements on forests
  • Post-2015 development agenda - SDGs and sustainable land use
  • XIV World Forestry Congress

A total of 46 experts attended the workshop, representing main C&I process secretariats (ITTO, ATO, ACTO, Montréal Process, FOREST EUROPE, ASEAN, COMIFAC, ECOWAS, TPS LFCC), global initiatives, processes (e.g. SDG, UNFF, FAO FRA, UNCCD, CBD) and bodies at management practice (e.g. FSC, PEFC, FFF, IMFN) levels.

Expert Interviews

Hooi Chiew Thang: Using criteria and indicators in Southeast Asia


John Hontelez: Certifying forest products

John Hall: Using criteria and indicators as communication tools


Ravi Prahbu: Measuring the state of forests

Antonio Matamoros: Using criteria and indicators in the Amazon Basin




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