Les réseaux des communicateurs forestiers de l’Asie-Pacifique


Asia-Pacific forest communicators gear up to communicate sustainable forest management to journalists 17 June 2019 Communicating effectively about forestry to the media and the wider world was the focus of a communication workshop attended by 25 participants from 11 countries as part of Asia-Pacific Forestry Week in Incheon, Korea, this week. [more]
Workshop training focuses on reaching key audiences with forest-related messaging 28 September 2018 Successful communication requires carefully developed messaging that ‘speaks’ clearly and directly to the most important target audiences, specialists in forest-related outreach explained during a training workshop for the Asia-Pacific Forest Communicators Network [more]
Engaging stakeholder interest critical to communicating ecosystem services 12 December 2017 By learning strategies to engage the interest of stakeholders and decision-makers, specialists in ecosystem services can better convey important data and information, a session on communications heard during the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) world conference on Tuesday. [more]
Improving forest communication for people and forests 24 February 2016 Effective communication can not only raise awareness on forests but also bring about real change, according to a session organized at Asia-Pacific Forestry Week by the Asia-Pacific Forest Communicators Network (APFCN), with the Center for People and Forests (RECOFTC) and FAO. [more]
Workshop: Working with local communities in forest landscapes 12 May 2015 Over thirty communication experts, natural resources managers and foresters from over ten countries in the Asia-Pacific region met to learn about participatory development communication approaches in working with local communities. [more]
Adapting to climate change – how can we foster innovative ideas that work? 15 September 2014 RECOFTC is pleased to announce a special event on 23 September: Adapting to climate change – how can we foster innovative ideas that work? Throughout the Asia and the Pacific region, local communities are innovating ways to adapt to the impacts of climate change. [more]
Workshop: Strengthening Forest Communications in the Asia Pacific 18 September 2013 Twenty-six communication and forestry officers from both private and public sector organisations throughout the Asia-Pacific region gathered in Hanoi to discuss and identify regional opportunities for collaboration in forest communication issues and knowledge sharing. [more]


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