Sustainable forest management

Key messages

  • Sustainable forest management curbs forest degradation and deforestation while increasing direct benefits to people and the environment.
  • At the local level, sustainable forest management contributes to people's livelihoods, income generation and employment. At the environmental level, it contributes to, for example, carbon sequestration and water and soil conservation.
  • In 2020, forests covered about 31 percent of the world's total land area; about 4.06 billion hectares.
  • Forests contain more than half of the world's terrestrial biodiversity and store carbon in both above- and below-ground biomass.
  • Total employment in the forest sector was estimated at 12.5 million people.
  • The world’s forest area is decreasing, but the rate of loss has slowed. The world has lost 178 million ha of forest since 1990, which is an area about the size of Libya.
  • Fire, forest pests and climate change are also contributing to loss of forests around the world.



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last updated:  Saturday, November 12, 2022