Mediterranean and Near East Forest Communicators Network


Workshop 13-15 May 2014

Over 30 participants from 10 countries including Egypt, France, Iran, Jordan, Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon and Turkey attended an international workshop on forest communication in Rabat, Morocco from 13 to 15 May 2014. Facilitated by FAO, the main aims of this workshop were to develop and strengthen forestry communications capacity in the region and to explore the possibility of establishing a self-sustaining sub-regional network of communication practitioners. Representatives from government agencies and NGOs from around the Mediterranean and Near East region recognized the need to better coordinate and communicate forest issues and a working group was established. The participants will give communication support for the forthcoming Mediterranean Forest Week in Barcelona in 2015.

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 The Mediterranean and Near East communication workshop was supported by GIZ and the governments of Austria and Finland.

Meeting report



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