Forestry policies, institutions and programmes


The Government of Albania is committed to the formulation of a sound policy for the development of the forestry sector. Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, with the support of the international community, has taken important steps towards improving the condition of forest resources. The Ministerial Declaration of April 2003 gives the conceptual outline of the key long term goals. The priority objectives for the following 10 years were:

  • Halt of commercial logging;
  • Continuation of State forest and pasture transfer to local governments;
  • Protection and improvement of pastures; and
  • Sustainable forest and pasture management.
As Albania transforms its economy, the government authorities are now supporting a much wider understanding and commitment to the importance of a multifunctional management of the forest and pasture sector taking into account the full value of the forest for the society and the high level of linkage with the other sectors of the economy, in order to promote sustainable development for the benefit of the whole nation. The need for a balance between ecological, economic and social aspects of forest development has become a priority for the Albanian government.

Another government priority is the harmonization of the legal framework for forestry land use. Changes in the legislative framework aim at an improved contribution of the forest sector to sustainable development, the definition of basic rules for sustainable forest management and the decentralization of the forestry sector. It also aims at raising public awareness and encouraging participatory approaches in the sustainable management of natural resources.

During the ten years earmarked by the ministerial declaration, some regulatory improvements will be progressively introduced as a basis for the preparation of a new law.

Changes in the present institutional structure are being introduced. The overall restructuring and decentralization of the forestry sector is based on:
  • The organization of a small, effective public agency that will develop forest policies, co-ordinate legal harmonization, monitor compliance with the law and oversee the extension program;
  • the creation of an effective agency that will manage and administer forest resources;
  • active involvement of local governments in forest and pasture sector development.
International activities
Albania is committed to implementing the resolutions of the United Nations Forum of Forests (UNFF). Albania is a Party to the Biodiversity Convention, and has taken an active role in the Year of the Mountain 2002. The government of Albania has also signed the Kyoto protocol. Albania is a member of the Joint Programme of the UNECE Timber Committee and the FAO European Forestry Commission.

On the other hand, Albania is an active member of the Ministerial Conference for the Protection of the Forest in Europe (MCPFE), and has officially presented in April 2003 in Vienna, Austria, the Ministerial declaration of April 2003 to be translated into action through the National Forests and Pastures Program (NFFP).

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