Other wooded land


Dry scrub forests are usually found where the rainfall is under 1 000 mm. It is often difficult to decide where dry forest ends and dry upper mixed deciduous forest begins, as the two gradually merge into one another. There are three subtypes ­ than-dahat forest, thorn forest and aukchinsa-thinwin forest.

  • Than-dahat forests are characterised by the predominance of two species, than (Terminalia oliveri) and dahat (Tectona hamiltoniana). In areas with rainfall of less than 1000 mm, this subtype is replaced by thorn forest.

  • Thorn forests constitute an open type of low growth characterised by the presence of a number of thorny species such as Acacia catechu, A. leucophloea and Zizyphus jujuba.

  • Aukchinsa-thinwin forests are fairly rare. They consist of Acacia catechu and Millettia trees scattered in undergrowth of grass or stunted Dendrocalamus strictus.

"Indaing scrub forest" can also be classed among the shrub formation of Myanmar.

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