Wood Energy Catalogue

Fifth National Development Plan of Zambia (2006-2010)

Countries of implementation

Programmes, Objectives and Strategies include two items relevant to charcoal:

Programme: Sustainable Wood Fuel Management

Objective: To promote efficient use of wood energy and alternative sources

Strategy: a) Promote sustainable and participatory wood fuel management; b) Establish fuel wood plantations; c) Improve efficiency and technology of charcoal production and used) Improve collaboration with the Energy Regulation Board.

Programme: Promotion of Improved Charcoal Production Technology


Objective: To promote the efficient production of charcoal in order to create an opportunity for improved charcoal

production technology.

Strategy: a) Promote and carry out practical demonstrations and pilot schemes on the efficient usage of charcoal;

b) Mobilise financial resources for promotion of improved charcoal production; c) Develop an implementation strategy for improved charcoal production.

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