Wood Energy Catalogue

National Investment Plan to Reduce Deforestation and Forest Degradation (2018-2022)

Countries of implementation

Core Investment Priority 2.2 provides the key activities that will be undertaken, including

Enhancing models for sustainable and regulated wood fuel production; Promotion of energy-efficient wood fuel utilization technologies; Promotion of alternative renewable energy sources

The intervention will be achieved through an approach that focuses on interlinked sub-interventions along the charcoal value chain;

i. Designation or certification of charcoal production areas with clear and enforceable management plans and secure land tenure and/or administration;
ii. Improvement of charcoal production methods by building the application of the coupeshelterbelt system for wood harvesting, promotion of the Casamance kiln which is an improvement over the traditional earth kiln to reduce emissions and increase charcoal yield compared to the current situation;
iii. Capacity building through the training of charcoal producers and facilitation of local people or communities to have and exercise control over production areas through participation in monitoring and reporting about charcoal production data, biomass and carbon removal, regeneration that is transparent and easily verifiable, and provision of incentives/benefits to the land managers;
iv. Putting in place an incentive system such as a premium price for charcoal and briquettes bought by the retailers from the designated certified areas; and
v. Lowering taxes/levies for the wholesalers and retailers participating in the regulated value chain
vi. Promotion of appropriate improved firewood and charcoal stoves through demonstrations;

Also mentioned in the Sectoral Study by World Bank the “Establishment of industrial fuelwood plantation” - investing in cultivating plantations of quick growing forestry trees species such as Eucalyptus is proposed

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Type of initiatives
Strategy or Action Plan
Level of intervention
Responsible agencies
Ministry of National Development Planning; Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources (MLNR)