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National Energy Policy (Zambia, 2008) - National Energy Policy (Zambia, 2019)

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National Energy Policy (2008) including 6 items on improving the technology of charcoal production and utilization.

a) Ensure better management of woodlands and forests as sustainable sources of woodfuel through…; b) Improve the technology of charcoal production and utilization through…; c)  Promote  appropriate  alternatives to  woodfuel and reduce  its consumption through…; d) Encourage utilisation of agro, forest and sawmill residues for combustion  and gasification through…; e)  Improve revenue collection from the woodfuel industry through…; f) Establish  community  based  woodfuel  resource management systems through…

National Energy Policy (2019) has an policy objective for Sustainable Exploitation of Biomass - To promote sustainable exploitation of biomass and alternative energy to wood fuel resources in order to increase socio-economic development. The policy measures include 

-          Promote efficient and sustainable exploitation of biomass for household utilization;

-          Promote the use of alternatives to wood fuel;

-          Promote biofuels in the national fuel mix; and

-          Ensure that the use of biofuels for the energy market is given priority without compromising food security.

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Ministry of Energy (Zambia)