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Decentralized Forest and Other Natural Resources Programme (DFNRMP) in Zambia

Countries of implementation

The Decentralised Forest and Other Natural Resources Programme is designed for a 12-year period to support the government and communities in implementing the Forest Act 2015

The introduction phase (2015-2017), as a first phase of a programme, works on 3 main components: (i) Institutional Development for Natural Resource Sector Devolution; (ii) Sustainable Forest and other Natural Resources Management; and (iii) Rural Entrepreneurship and Alternative Livelihoods. The project is implemented in 3 districts in Muchinga province and 3 districts in NW province. The project is linked to Zambia’s ongoing decentralisation process and uses a multi-sector integrated approach for planning and implementation of activities.

Zambia, sustainable forest management, wood, charcoal production, enterprise, community, permit
Type of initiatives
Program or Project
Level of intervention
Responsible agencies
Project Management Coordination Unit based in Lusaka; District Project Support Units facilitate project implementation at district level