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Sustainable Energy for All - Action Agenda and Investment Prospectus - Zambia

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Development of SE4ALL Action Agenda (AA) and Investment Prospectus (IP), drafts for comments released on 22 May 2019 by the Ministry of Energy. The AA proposed a set of high impact initiatives and strategies, including

1)Technical and financial assistance to local manufacturers to improve the quality and energy efficiency of the improved wood and charcoal cookstoves; 2) Introduction of regulations for charcoal and technical and financial support to charcoal producers to shift to more efficient charcoaling kilns.

The action item - Improving the technology for charcoal production and utilization of wood fuel through:

a)training of charcoal producers in better organization and management of charcoal production using the traditional kiln method;
b)encouraging the adoption of other production techniques, which are more efficient and cost effective;
c)developing stoves that are efficient and convenient to users and produce minimal emissions;
d)ensuring that stove testing and certification is undertaken on all new designs entering the market;
e)ensuring that information on emission levels and efficiency of stoves is disseminated to promote public awareness; and
f)facilitating participation of various stakeholders, such as women clubs and cooperatives, as well as other gender based organizations, non-governmental organizations, industry, researchers and other Government Departments
Zambia, energy, charcoal, woodfuel, kiln, production, efficiency, stove
Type of initiatives
Strategy or Action Plan
Program/Project Sub category
Effective governance, Resource/supply enhancement, Conversion efficiency improvement, Efficient utilization
Level of intervention
Responsible agencies
Ministry of Energy; AfDB; UNDP