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Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) Study on Sustainable Charcoal in Uganda

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This study focuses on the middle three components of the value chain – production, transportation and retail (excluding forest management and final consumption) – and provides information about the Ugandan context of the value chain, the stakeholders involved, the relevant policies and the institutional framework.

The core part of the study is the design of an improved value chain for Uganda, including, at the production level, the introduction of improved kilns. A major component of the NAMA would be the creation and institutionalization of a charcoal unit at the district level that is charged with, among other activities, purchasing from producers, categorizing the type produced so producers can be paid a differentiated value based on whether or not the product is sustainable, and arranging transport from the districts to Government-created warehouses located outside urban areas. At the warehouses, the charcoal will be sold by retail associations.

Charcoal, value chain, Uganda, improved kiln, NAMA,
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