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Sustainable Energy for All – Rapid Assessment and Action Agenda – Rwanda

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SE4All Action Agenda for Rwanda provides a strategic roadmap for the country’s energy sector. The Agenda mentioned that major transformations are required to bring production and consumption of woodfuel into balance, as continuing to rely on current charcoal technologies for cooking in urban areas would threaten to seriously deplete Rwanda’s forestry plantations.

The followings are highlighted for access to clean and sustainable cooking: i) advanced cookstoves that can save more than 60% wood compared to current methods; ii) charcoal production to improve yield from 11% to 18% through more appropriate regulatory regimes and improved technology; iii) switching from charcoal to alternatives like biomass pellets and LPG in urban areas and biogas in rural areas to reduce woodfuel consumption; and iv) productivity of forestry and agro-forestry to be improved.

Rwanda, energy access, renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable energy, alternative energy, charcoal, woodfuel, resource assessment
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Ministry of Infrastructure – Rwanda; AfDB; SEforAll