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Sustainable Fuelwood Management in Nigeria

Countries of implementation

Project Objective: Sustainable fuelwood management in Nigeria secures multiple environmental and socio-economic benefits, including reduced GHG emission from wood fuel consumption, enhanced carbon storage and sequestration, as well as improved rural livelihoods and opportunities for local development.

Project components: 1) Sustainable fuel wood supply; 2) Fuelwood Demand Management; 3) Domestic Industry for Clean Cook Stoves and Other Clean Energy Alternatives, 4) Financial models for sustainable fuelwood management; 5) National and state level policies, enabling environment and MRV system for sustainable fuelwood management.


Nigeria, fuelwood, sustainable fuelwood, demand management, clean cooking stove, alternative energy, GHG, carbon sequestration
Type of initiatives
Program or Project
Program/Project Sub category
Effective governance, Resource/supply enhancement, Conversion efficiency improvement, Efficient utilization, Alternatives
Level of intervention
Responsible agencies
UNDP; Federal Ministry of Environment; Energy Commission of Nigeria; Federal Ministry of Health; Cross River, Delta and Kaduna State Governments; Nigerian Alliance for Clean Cookstoves
Funding agency
GEF Trust Fund