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Malawi National Charcoal Strategy (2017–2027)

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The goal of the National Charcoal Strategy is to provide a framework for the Government of Malawi to address the linked problems of increased deforestation and growing demand for cooking and heating fuel, with defined and prioritized near-term, medium-term and long-term actions.

The strategy is supported by the following seven strategic pillars:

  1. Promote adoption of alternative cooking and heating fuels;
  2. Stimulate wide-scale adoption of fuel-efficient charcoal and firewood cookstoves;
  3. Significantly increase sustainable wood production, specifically for biomass energy production;
  4. Effectively enforce laws and regulations to limit, and eventually stop illegal charcoal production;
  5. Promote and regulate legal (licensed) charcoal production, transport and sale;
  6. Enhance the livelihoods of Malawians in ways that can be sustained over time; and,
  7. Ensure that the information, awareness and communications required to change behavior and increase adoption are available.
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Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining