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Household Energy Project (Chad)

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The project comprises four components: 1) establishing village-based natural resources management for long-term land-use and wood exploitation plans for villages in the N'Djamena wood fuel catchment area to manage and control fuelwood use; 2) building the capacity of the Agency for Household Energy and Environment to monitor and control wood product flow through charging collecting user fees/taxes; 3) improving the efficiency of household fuel use by commercializing efficient cooking stoves (firewood, charcoal); and promoting the use of low-cost kerosene and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) stoves, and 4) capacity building and training as a part of project management.

Chad, woodfuel, charcoal, firewood, household energy, wood product flow, cookstoves, land-use plan, cooking fuel, alternative energy
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Effective governance, Resource/supply enhancement, Conversion efficiency improvement, Efficient utilization, Alternatives
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World Bank