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Lao PDR Clean Cook Stove Initiative Project

Asia and the Pacific
Countries of implementation
Lao People's Democratic Republic

The objective of the project is to generate environment and gender benefits for targeted households through a switch to clean, energy efficient gasifier cookstoves using biomass pellets across selected provinces in the country.

The project comprises of three components: 1) carbon finance capacity building to support Ministry of Energy and Mines and Institute for Renewable Energy Promotion (MEM and IREP) in assisting the preparation and development of necessary activities for the implementation of the carbon finance operation; 2) project management and implementation technical assistance to provide operational expenses needed by MEM and the contractual cost for the implementing entity; and 3) carbon emission reduction program, focusing on the overall implementation of the project results-based financing (RBF) targeting at 50,000 forced-draft gasifier cookstoves.

Laos, energy access, woodfuel, charcoal, clean cookstove, improved stove, biomass gasifier, biomass pellets, carbon finance, carbon emission reduction, household energy, results-based financing
Type of initiatives
Program or Project
Program/Project Sub category
Efficient utilization
Level of intervention
Responsible agencies
World Bank; Ministry of Energy and Mines; Institute for Renewable Energy Promotion
Funding agency
World Bank