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Benin Energy Service Improvement Project – Woodfuel Component

Countries of implementation

The objectives of the project are to improve the operational performance of the national power distribution utility of Benin; expand electricity access in targeted areas; and promote community-based management of forest resources.

One of the project’s 4 components is about woodfuel, i.e. community-based management of wood fuels for reducing the pressure on northern Benin forests by building on and expanding into new regions the successful gender-sensitive, community-based, forest management practices. The component with a funding allocation of USD5 million consists of two sub-components: (i) sustainable management of forestry resources in the Moyen and Haut Ouémé basin regions; and (ii) development of quality standards for improved cook stoves.

Benin, firewood, woodfuel, biomass, energy-efficient charcoal production, improved cookstove, woodlot, tree planting, community-based forest management, participatory forest management, gender equity
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Effective governance, Resource/supply enhancement, Conversion efficiency improvement, Efficient utilization
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Ministry of Energy, Water and Mines
Funding agency
World Bank