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Promoting Biogas as Sustainable Clean Cooking Fuel for Rural Households in Kenya

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The objective of the project is to reduce of GHG emissions from improved access to biogas energy as a clean cooking fuel in livestock-owning rural households in Kenya through carbon finance. This project is led by a private company called SimGas BV, which developed a technology of producing small-scale biogas systems with recycled plastics, enabling relatively easy production, easy installation, and large-scale implementation.

The overall program will aim to ultimately reduce GHG emissions up to 3 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent by year 2025 in Kenya. The total costs are withheld due to access to information policy on third party confidential information, but the number of installations will rely on the success of the salesforce and the quality of biodigesters and the satisfaction of customers.

Kenya, biogas, biomass energy, clean cooking, energy access, GHG emission, carbon finance, CDM, alternative energy, household energy, indoor air quality
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World Bank; SimGas IP BV
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World Bank