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Reducing GHG Emissions through Community Forests and Sustainable Biomass Energy in Afghanistan

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The objective of the project is to reduce GHG emissions by promoting community forestry, and removing barriers to sustainable biomass energy, while laying the groundwork for climate change mitigation in Afghanistan. The project has 4 components:

(1)    Strengthening the national policy environment to support sustainable biomass energy systems (based on community-based natural resource management)

(2)    Developing community-based natural resource management plans and establishing community forests in 2 project areas;

(3)    Promoting the demonstration and deployment of sustainable biomass energy systems (low-cost fuel-efficient cooking stoves, household-scale biogas digesters…);

(4)    Awareness raising and monitoring and evaluation.

Afghanistan, biomass, wood energy, woodfuel, household energy, improved stoves, cookstove, community forests, biogas, GHG emissions
Type of initiatives
Program or Project
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Effective governance, Resource/supply enhancement, Efficient utilization, Alternatives
Level of intervention
Responsible agencies
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO); National Environmental Protection Authority; Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock; Ministry of Energy and Water; Ministry of Rural Reconstruction and Development
Funding agency
GEF Trust Fund