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Establishing a Green Charcoal Value Chain in Rwanda - A Feasibility Study

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This study aims at assessing the opportunities and potential for establishing a green charcoal sector in Rwanda along the entire value chain of charcoal production, including wood production, charcoaling, transport, wholesaling, trade and final consumption. It focuses on the elaboration of a road map to develop a modern and efficient charcoal value chain.

This report provides a central overview of the current status of the charcoal sector in Rwanda and gives ideas about possible wide-ranging programs and needed investments to support the development of a well-regulated and competitive market for a sustainable supply of charcoal in the country.

The major elements of the study include:

-          Summarize the structure of the charcoal value chain in Rwanda;

-          Describe the principle elements of a “green” charcoal chain;

-          Outline the requirements for a “green” charcoal chain to be certifiable, i.e. needed reforms, such as the socio-organization of charcoal producers (kiln to wood vs. wood to kiln) as well as the provision of special permits favoring the “green” charcoal chain;

-  Describe possible policy tools to benefit from a certified “green” charcoal value chain, such as differential taxation (e.g. tax benefits for certified “green” charcoal)

-  Describe in detail the potential for GHG emission reductions along a “green” charcoal chain

-  Describe alternative carbon finance options (e.g. voluntary market versus CDM) along the charcoal value chain and illustrate the role of certification in the context of carbon finance

-  Elaborate how promotion of Improved Cook Stoves (ICS) can be part of carbon finance options, although outside the charcoal value chain

-  Design a road map for implementation/an implementation plan for a “green” charcoal chain, including certification

-  Calculate the (up-front) investment needed to realize a “green” charcoal chain (a) in general and (b) as a pilot phase

Rwanda, charcoal value chain, feasibility study, green charcoal, sector reform, certification, charcoal kiln, policy tool, GHG emissions, carbon finance, Improved cookstove, roadmap, investment
Type of initiatives
Sector review and study
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Responsible agencies
World Bank; Ministry of Infrastructure (Rwanda)
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World Bank