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Drylands Forest Livelihoods – Factsheet on Charcoal in Kenya (2014)

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The factsheet covers the following topics: 1) Requirements to be a charcoal producer under the Forests (Charcoal) Rules (2009); 2) How to obtain a license to undertake commercial charcoal production and transportation; 3) Streamlining trade in charcoal; 4) Tree species for charcoal production; 5) Sustainable charcoal production – Harvesting of wood; 6) General rules for sustainable harvesting of forest plantations; 7) Methods of charcoal production; 8) The three most common methods of charcoal production today are Earth Kilns, Masonry Kilns and Metal Kilns; 9) step by step instructions for the Casamance Kiln, Drum Kiln, and Half Orange Kiln.

Charcoal production technology, charcoal kilns, wood harvest, charcoal producers association, license for charcoal production, earth kiln, masonry kiln, metal kiln, draylands, Kenya
Type of initiatives
Sector review and study
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Kenya Forestry Research Institute - KEFRI; Kenya Forest Service - KFS