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Handbook on Sustainability Certification of Solid Biomass for Energy Production (2013)

Europe and Central Asia
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The objective of this Handbook is to facilitate market players and other stakeholders in information gathering and informed decision-making in relation to sustainability certification of solid biomass, as well as a number of related issues.

The Handbook provides the followings:

  1. General background information on sustainability certification of solid biomass, objectives of certification, and on how certification works. It also explains the relation between certification and current (and possible future) legislation on sustainable use of biomass;
  2. An overview of the most common certification schemes available for sustainability certification of solid biomass, and the key features of these schemes;
  3. Decision trees that can be used to (a) decide whether certification is necessary or useful in a particular situation, and (b) to select a certification scheme;
  4. References to existing tools and guidance documents, which may help companies in implementing sustainability certification in their operations;
  5. Background information on some broader sustainability
Sustainability, certification, sustainability criteria, standard, solid biomass, biomass energy, wood pellets, briquettes, wood chips, assessment tool, chain of custody, wood waste, forestry residues
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