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Charcoal in Haiti - A National Assessment of Charcoal Production and Consumption Trends

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This assessment aims to answer the following research questions with results and analysis:

  1. How much charcoal is consumed annually in the capital city of Port-au-Prince?
  2. Which geographical regions produce the charcoal consumed in the capital?
  3. How do these production areas variably supply charcoal to the capital?
  4. In what ways have these trends changed over time? and
  5. What percentage of charcoal is originating from the bordering Dominican Republic?

The assessment found that charcoal is a big business in Haiti. It is the second largest agriculture related value chain in the country. With a total market size in Port-au-Prince of approximately US$182 million per year and a national market value of approximately US$392 million per year, charcoal contributes nearly 5 percent to GDP and has large impacts for employment in rural areas.


Charcoal, assessment, national trends, wood fuel, charcoal production and consumption, charcoal transport and flow, supply chain, value chain, data collection, Haiti
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World Bank; Program on Forests (PROFOR)