Wood Energy Catalogue

Policies and Incentives for Managing the Miombo Woodlands of Southern Africa


The miombo woodlands cover 2.4 million km2 in Southern Africa, stretching from Angola to Mozambique. They are the most extensive tropical seasonal woodland and dry forest in Africa.

This study identified four necessary components of reform: 1) Policies and institutions must embrace decentralization and devolution; 2) To encourage good management, governments must foster markets for the local products and services that good management can produce; 3) Forestry organizations must switch their emphasis from regulation of use to delivery of services, empowering local people to become better woodland users and managers; 4) Planners must keep in mind the cost of deforestation and degradation to rural populations.

Miombo woodlands, drylands forest, sustainable forestry management, charcoal, wood, sustainability, value chain, policy reform, incentives, regulations, deforestation and degradation, Southern Africa
Type of initiatives
Sector review and study
Level of intervention
Multiple countries
Responsible agencies
World Bank; Program on Forests (PROFOR)