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Behavior Change Communication Interventions on Clean Cooking in Bangladesh, Kenya, and Nigeria


The objective is the project was to pilot the established Behavior Change Communication techniques to accelerate clean cooking markets by increasing awareness and adoption of cleaner, more efficient cooking solutions that are designed to reduce the health and environmental impacts of solid fuel and kerosene use. The activities were conducted in three focus countries of the Clean Cooking Alliance. Together, the campaigns reached over 13 million people using a mix of radio, print advertising, TV programming, social media, and interpersonal communications.

This evaluation report described the effects of the behavior change interventions on the purchase of modern cooking stoves and fuels and changes in determinants of behaviors, such as knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and intentions.

Behavior change communication, purchase tendency, awareness building, promotion, campaign, advertisement, clean cooking, cookstoves, wood fuel, solid fuels, indoor air pollution, alternative energy, LPG, market analysis, evaluation, survey, partnership, B
Type of initiatives
Sector review and study
Level of intervention
Multiple countries
Responsible agencies
Clean Cooking Alliance; Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves …