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Country Energy Assessment Tool (of EUEI PDF)


This Excel-based tool can assist in providing a snapshot of the energy situation of a given country (energy demand and consumption data; power generation; basis information on use of biomass; stakeholder mapping; etc.) and in supporting the rapid evaluation of the impacts of potential policy options during a scoping exercise.

The tool is expected to support the following tasks:

1)      assessing the energy sector, institutional and policy situation of a given country, using a core set of key factors and indicators;

2)      developing a comprehensive gap analysis, thereby demonstrating strengths and weaknesses of the current policy and institutional environment;

3)      assessing the required enabling conditions for policies and programs to achieve multiple energy, environmental, and economic goals in an effective way;

4)      designing or selecting policy options that offer increased energy benefits, including environmental and economic aspects; and

5)      building support for clean energy and climate change mitigation as well as the related adaptation of policies and programs.

Energy assessment, toolkit, data, impact evaluation, policy option, gap analysis, national energy profile, policy framework, institutional setup, enabling conditions, energy access, clean energy, renewable energy, readiness, business model, climate change
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