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Biomass Energy Sector (BEST) Planning Guide


The Biomass Energy Sector Planning Guide recognises the importance of governance of the biomass energy sector and provides a methodology for developing more efficient cross-sectoral management structures with practical, step-by-step guidance to facilitate coordination between stakeholders from different sectors, agreement on a shared goal, reliable sector data, awareness of trends and the development of an action plan to improve governance of the sector. It is a revised version of the Biomass Energy Strategy Guide published by EUEI PDF and GIZ in 2011, through integrating the lessons learnt during the application of the methodology in some countries. 

Biomass energy, wood fuel, renewable energy, sector planning, governance, methodology, cross-sectoral management, step-by-step guidance, stakeholder coordination, data, action plan, toolkit
Type of initiatives
Strategy or Action Plan
Level of intervention
Responsible agencies
European Union Energy Initiative Partnership Dialogue Facility (EUEI PDF); GIZ