Wood Energy Catalogue

Wood energy in the ECE Region : data, trends and outlook in Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States and North America

Europe and Central Asia, North America

Wood Energy in the ECE Region highlights the use of wood for energy and includes the most recent statistics on wood energy markets across the UNECE region. It aims to communicate the relevance of wood energy in the region and help bridge information about the forest and energy sectors. It also intends to offer some of the best-available information on the role that wood energy can play in various sectors to support environmental, energy, and socio-economic strategies toward a greener economy. It focuses on commercial wood energy uses in the UNECE inclusive of energy generated for cooking, heating and electricity generation.
1. The multiple functions of wood energy -- 2. Wood energy data: the joint wood energy enquiry -- 3. Wood fuels -- 4. Public policy instruments to support sustainable wood energy -- 5. Outlook for future wood fuel markets -- 6. Sustainable levels of wood fuel removals.

Data, statistics, trends, market outlook, greener economy, commercial wood energy, cooking, heating, electricity generation, wood pellets, policy instrument, sustainability, UNECE Region, Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States, North America
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