Wood Energy Catalogue

Rwanda woodfuels value chain analysis (2013)

Countries of implementation

Forestry Sector of Rwanda (2012-2015). It tried to answer the following questions:

-          What is the consumption of fuelwood and charcoal?

-          What is the sustainable production capacity?

-          What is the current national supply/demand balance? And what is it likely to become by 2020?

-          Where is the balances negative and where it is positive?

-          What can be done towards 2020 to achieve a sustainable balance? And where should it be done?

Key study findings covered the followings:

-          Woodfuel consumption, demand, and sustainable supply potential in baseline year 2009

-          Two scenarios for woodfuel demand in 2020

-          Trade value of woodfuels

-          Forest regulations and taxation system

-          Proposed interventions

Rwanda, woodfuel, charcoal, value chain analysis, consumption, demand projection, sustainable production capacity
Type of initiatives
Sector review and study
Level of intervention
Responsible agencies
Ministry of Natural Resources; Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA); Department of Forestry and Nature Conservation (DFNC)