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Energy access assessment in displacement settings in Northern Mozambique

Countries of implementation

The assessment covered topics such as household access to electricity and lighting, energy for cooking, space heating and cooling, and WASH. The main findings show that all 26 sites assessed are estimated to be below the Tier 2 level of energy access.

Among the findings on household cooking:

16 out of the 26 locations (62%) use charcoal as their primary source of cooking fuel, whereas in 10 out of the 26 locations (38%) use wood. This trend is observed both in Relocation Sites (62% charcoal, 38% wood) and Temporary Centers (60% charcoal, 40% wood). Three-stone/open fire cookstoves were most commonly used as a primary cooking mean in all of the locations.

Energy access, clean cooking, assessment, displacement, Mozambique
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International Organization for Migration - Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM/ IOM)