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Strategic Agenda 2019-2035 and National Forest Program of Mozambique

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The National Forest Program 2019-2035 is an exercise in reflection and participation of different actors in the analysis of the main problems and in the construction of a shared vision of long-term development. Special attention was given to the inclusion of the so-called “secondary” themes of the forest sector, such as firewood and charcoal, non-timber forest products and conservation areas in a holistic and multi-comprehensive approach to forests. 

In the woodfuels sector, the main challenge of this Agenda is related to the formalization and regulation of the charcoal value chain and the encouragement of sustainable trade. To overcome this challenge, the agenda intends by 2035 to reduce the use of charcoal from native forests, add value and sustainable charcoal production with improved technologies from forest plantations and/or waste with full use. To achieve this goal, the following actions a proposed: 

1. Introduce mechanisms that allow national certification of woodfuels;

2. Promote awareness of the impact of charcoal use from native forests and awareness campaigns for "planted" charcoal.

3. Creation of incentives and compensations/offsets derived from other energy sources to support the forest sector

4. Promote and massify the industrial and domestic use of alternative energy sources to woody biomass; study of subsidies to encourage the use of more efficient stoves (wood and charcoal).

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