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Policy and market review for modern energy cooking in Rwanda (2021)

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The purpose of this report is to explore the policy frameworks and national markets in Rwanda around modern energy cooking solutions, in order to understand the existing cooking landscape and the potential of modern energy cooking solutions in the country, particularly electric cooking, providing MECS with recommendations to support the transition towards modern energy cooking services in Rwanda.

Based on the review of the policy framework and market dynamics, the report outlines recommendations on how MECS can support and accelerate the transition towards modern energy cooking in Rwanda:

-          On a policy level, these include the promotion of the role of electric cooking within national policies, developing extensive awareness campaigns and supporting the standards, tax incentives and introduction of variable electricity tariffs to encourage the use of electricity for cooking.

-          On a research level, gather further evidence on customer behaviour around electric cooking through pilot projects, exploring the potential of local innovation hubs for electric cooking appliances adapted to local foods.

-          On a market level, support awareness campaigns for modern and electric cooking, provide customers with flexible financing solutions and support the strengthening of supply chains for electric cooking appliances.

Rwanda, policy review, market assessment, clean cooking, electric cooking
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Energy 4 Impact; Loughborough University (UK); Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS) programme