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Biofuels Policy of Zimbabwe (2020)

Countries of implementation
The Policy covers the period up to year 2030 and focuses on liquid biofuels in the transport sector, initially ethanol from sugar cane and biodiesel from Jatropha, while exploring the possibility of using other feed stocks for biofuel production. It is structured around four interrelated pillars, namely the economic; agricultural; environmental; and social and institutional which identify and respond to the key issues that need to be addressed for successful sector development. The Policy proposes that the country: a) achieves a consistent and sustainable ethanol blending ratio of up to 20% by 2030; b) introduces biodiesel at a blending ratio of up to 2% by 2030, and c) increases the number of players in the biofuels sector.
Zimbabwe, policy, biofuel, ethanol, sugarcane, biodiesel, Jatropha
Type of initiatives
Level of intervention
Responsible agencies
Ministry of Energy and Power Development (of Zimbabwe)