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South Sudan First State of Environment and Outlook Report 2018

Countries of implementation
South Sudan
The Report starts with a brief introduction to South Sudan, its environmental features and characteristics, followed by a summary of the major driving forces of environmental change in the country. Thematic chapters describe the major pressures on the environment in South Sudan and assessment of their impacts on ecosystem goods and services, and human well-being. It ends with outlook and recommendations for South Sudan to address its environmental challenges and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. It has sections and case studies relevant to fuelwood, charcoal, cooking stoves, and alternative energy.
South Sudan, environment status, policy overview, outlook, energy, biomass, fuelwood, charcoal, cooking stove, alternative energy, deforestation, displaced people
Type of initiatives
Sector review and study
Level of intervention
Responsible agencies
United Nations Environment Programme; Ministry of Environment and Forestry (of South Sudan)